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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  January 9, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight-- shot down. stunning video of that ukrainian passenger jet blasted from the sky. u.s. officials telling cbs news they're confident iranian surface-to-air missiles took it down. tonight, the top-secret intelligence. the evidence at the scene, and the angry families of the dead. >> only the iranian government is the one who takes lives at basically next-to-nothing level. >> o'donnell: the question: did iran think it was an american military plane? justifying the strike: the president defends his decision to take out iran's top general. what he says soleimani was plotting to do to an american embassy as angry lawmakers question the intelligence, the new vote tonight, they say, could stop the president from acting alone. going on trial: after weeks of
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stalling by the speaker, the breaking news on when the impeachment trial of the president will start. tornado threat: nearly 50 million americans now bracing for powerful storms. the record-breaking winter warm- up that could set off twisters. we have the forecast. royals go rogue: queen elizabeth banrishtaboinhamet,anrrd ghackn mb h.whanajerat hes mtyusas j children at risk: the dangerous illness that looks like flu, emergency rooms overrun. how to protect your kids. coyotes in chicago: two serious attacks, including a child, schools on lock down, the hunt now on in a major american city. and oldies but goodies-- they're overnight singing sensations, one of them at 102. he nion'capi.
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>> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west. we begin tonight with new informationu.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news they are now confident iran shot down a ukrainian jetliner near its own capital wednesday morning. that means iran killed 176 people, including more than 80 of its own citizens, by mistake. now, sources tell cbs news the evidence comes from satellites and other sources. the jet, a boeing 737, went down as iran's military was on high alert in the chaotic hours following its missile attack on u.s. forces in iraq. that, of course, was in retaliation for that u.s. drone strike on iran's top general. well, tonight, iranian officials are doing all they can to try to dispute the facts. we'll have more from tehran in a moment, but kris van cleave leads us off with what the u.s. says that new intelligence shows. >> reporter: startling new security camera video apparently captures the flaming wreckage of ukraine international airlines flight 752 raining down.
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u.s. officials tell cbs news the plane had just been struck in midair by two iranian missiles. most of the 176 on board were from iran, and at least 63 were canadian. just after 6:00 wednesday morning, as the boeing 737 was climbing after takeoff from tehran's airport, u.s. intelligence picked up signals of iranian radar locking on to the plane. u.s. satellites detected the surface-to-air missiles were launched. then came the explosion about two minutes into the flight. this video shows the moment of impact, and here, the plane on fire, crashing to the ground. federal officials say missile pieces, like this one, appear to have been found near the crash scene. canadian prime minister justin trudeau: >> the families of the victims and all canadians want answers. i want answers. that means closure, transparency, accountability,ju. and this government will not rest until we get that.
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>> she was a really good person, really good. >> omar salani lost his sister, her husband, and his 16-month- old niece. >> every moment i say i'm going to wake up and it's a nightmare and it's over and she's home, and i'll knock on her door and she'll be home. >> reporter: president trump told reporters he had suspicions something happened to that plane. >> it was flying at a pretty rough neighborhood, and somebody could have made a mistake. some people say it was mechanical. i personally don't think that's even a question, personally. >> reporter: iranian military units were on high alert at the time of the shootdown. it came four hours after iran fired missiles at two bases in iraq home to u.s. troops. the f.a.a. had warned u.s. pilots to avoid the area. >> o'donll: and kris joins us tonight. how could iran shoot down a commercial flight filled with its own citizens? >> reporter: well, norah,
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sources are telling us president trump was worried about this exact scenario playing out in iran. we know that plane was sending out a signal identifying itself as a commercial airliner. it was flying away from the conflict zone. and that radar operator that lit up the plane should have been able to see that it originated from the airport. one expert we talked to said common sense should have prevailed. it appears, instead, a horrific mistake, when tensions were running very high. >> o'donnell: incredibly horrific. kris, thank you. tonight, iran is refusing to take any responsibility. in fact, they're calling the accusations that they shot down the plane psychological warfare by their enemies, despite intelligence to the contrary. liz palmer is again in iran's capital of tehran tonight. >> reporter: iran is flatly denying that one of their missiles could have brought down the plane. in fact, the civil aviation authority called it scientifically impossible. within hours of the crash they were already pointing to a technical malfunction as being at the root of it.
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45 ukrainian investigators have now arrived in tehran to take part in the iranian investigation. they have not yet had access to the crash site. and just a short time ago, the iranian government, unusually, urged boeing publicly, also, to take part. iran has the black boxes. it says it's not giving them either to the u.s. or to boeing, but they have said they'll share the data with the ukrainians, and perhaps some othercountries. and in other news from here tonight, a senior revolutionary guard commander is claiming that their strikes on the u.s. bases were not intended to kill but simply to, what he called, hit the enemy's military machinery. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, liz in tehran tonight. thank you. tonight, congress is taking its first steps to limit president trump's war powers and force him to come to congress before he takes any future military action against iran. the president is also making a new claim about why he ordered that operation that killed iran's top general.
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nancy cordes reports tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: the president offered a new rationale today for the killing of general soleimani. >> we did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy.e official said the pentagon was concerned about a plot against the u.s. embassy in baghdad, but that's not what top officials told lawmakers yesterday in a briefing that infuriated democrats... >> it was sophomoric and utterly unconvincing. >> reporter: ...and a pair of republicans. >> it was probably the worst briefing i've seen, at least on a military issue, in the nine years i've served in the united states senate. >> reporter: president trump pushed back today.>>theohale and they've said it was the best presentation they've ever seen. >> reporter: he argued some of the intelligence can't be shared. >> it's okay if the military wants to give it, but they didn't want to give it. >> reporter: but democrats are still skeptical, and tonight, they fired a warning shot at mr. trump.
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>> the current resolution is adopted. >> reporter: ...passing a resolution aimed at limiting his ability to wage war against iran. >> rein in this administration, send a strong signal. >> president has no clear strategy. >> reporter: house republicans stood by him. >> but the democrats in this body are so consumed by their hatred of president trump that they will not even stand with him in support of the killing of the world's deadliest terrorist. >> reporter: the president had this reaction in ohio tonight. >> we had to make a decision. we didn't have time to call up nancy. >> o'donnell: >> o'donnell: and nancy cordes joins us now from capitol hill. so, nancy, there is some other breaking news tonight on capitol hill about impeachment. i know that the house voted to impeach president trump more than three weeks ago. so when is the speaker going to send those articles to begin that senate trial? >> reporter: speaker pelosi told r ticon, norah, that she plans
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thoughhe didn't say exactly when. and she says she's still holding out for more information about what this senate trial is going to look like and whether witnesses will be called. but the senate's leader, mitch mcconnell, said she's not going to get that information, that those decisions will only be made once the trial gets under way. and in a closed door luncheon with fellow republican senators, he told them to prepare for the possibility that this trial will >> o'donnell: we'll be covering it. nancy, thank you. tonight, we're following severe weather that will threatens tens of millions in the south starting tomorrow. we could also see record warmth here in the east. lonnie quinn from wcbs tv joins us now. lonnie, give us the timeline. >> well, the time, norah is going to be tomorrow evening, between 4:00 and 7:00 tomorrow evening. it's going to last a good 12 hours. a tough go for places like texas, also into. all pushes to the east, and by the time you get to saturday,
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it's into the panhandle and expend eextending all the way and a possibility for the tennessee valley. as it pushes east it's pushing big-time warm air to places it shouldn't bem. w oucountry. and charleston, west virginia, 77. pushing 80. that's more like a miami, florida, reading. there is some snow involved, not a huge number, but snow on the backside, for places from wisconsin stretching into michigan. where you see the area in pink anotitfoinf, y be .osnuld have some froweezing temperatures. so some icing is a problem from, say, chicago to detroit. a pretty eventful 24 hours. >> o'donnell: lonnie, thank you.t, pnce rry and his wife are finding out breaking up with the royal family is hard to do. the queen was not amused by their decision to go public with their plan to quit some of their royal duties, and she wants the whole thing cleared up quickly. imtiaz tyab on why the royal family is so upset. >> reporter: now you see them... now you don't. one of london's top tourist
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attractions have booted harry and meghan out of the senior royal enclosure, following their bombshell announcement. even in wax, it seems, the couple can't catch a break. but tonight, we're learning the queen is trying to help by ordering an urgent, workable solution to the couple's plans. it was only a year and a half ago the world watched their fairy tale wedding, but royal life hasn't been easy, especially on meghan. >> you've got to thrive. you've got to feel happy. and i think i really tried to adopt this british sensibility of a stiff upper lip. >> reporter: julie montagu is originally from illinois and married into the british aristocracy. she says she knows exactly what meghan is going through. >> we may speak the same language but it's a completely different culture over here than it is in america. >> reporter: you're part of the aristocracy here in the u.k. are you surprised by this move? >> you know, i think the biggest misconception people think is meghan went into this knowing what she was getting into. i don't think anybody knows what
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they're getting into until they're in it. >> reporter: the royal couple are launching their new life with this new website, giving us a glimpse into the future they hope to have, which includes being financially independent. >>t's ner real word when previous members of the royal family have tried to combine royal work with commercial work. >> reporter: harry inherited a fortune from his mother, princess diana, and meghan made millions from her acting career. but it's prince charles o couple's estimated $6.5 million a year in expenses. now, norah, harry and meghan bri paug tnt wilcontin to stheve sedge for their expethnshen w'reey they want to spend more time in north america, the question now is who will pay for their protection while they're there? >> o'donnell: all right, sounds like we're going to continue to cover this story. thank you. tonight, a warning for parents and important information about a respiratory virus that's hitting infants and young
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children in the u.s. harder than usual this year. it's known as r.s.v. every year in this country, about 57,000 kids under age 5 need to be treated in hospitals for it, and it can lead to as many as 500 deaths. adriana diaz now on what parents need to know. >> reporter: the flu-like virus has babies filling this milwaukee intensive care unit. >> i think when we got here it was like, almost, 100 breaths a minute so you could really see that he was almost gasping for breath. >> reporter: just before christmas, robin and sarah komassa's son colton was diagnosed with respiratory syncttial virus, also known as r.s.v. >> we were scared and confused. diadsomiust gone to the doctor e edxp t wo't edn children's wisconsin, where we had to interview dr. michael meyer in the hallway because the i.c.u. is full. >> for you and i, r.s.v. is a common cold virus. for little kids, because their airways and their passages are so small, you fill that up with secretions, suddenly it's very
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difficult to breathe. >> reporter: the c.d.c. and state health departments don't track severe r.s.v. like they do the flu. but besides wisconsin, hospitals in at least four other states have reported a surge in cases. three-week-old paisley mchell arkansas' children's hospital which has seen 100 more patients than this time last year. after a week in the hospital, colton is now recovering at home. >> it was super emotional to take him home. we were so happy to, all five of us, be in a room together for the first time in a week. >> reporter: unlike the flu, which can spread through particles in the air, r.s.v. is transferred by contact, which is why washing your hands and cleaning surfaces, including your phone, is so important to protect your kids. norah. >> o'donnell: adriana, thank you. amazon's home security system ring is under new scrutiny tonight after four of its workers were fired for snooping on customers' videos. jonathan vigliotti tonight on
6:45 pm
whether you, too, should be worried about your privacy. >> >> reporter: ring's do-it- yourself video security system has helped catch porch pirates and even connect clever kids with their busy parents. >> how do you turn on the kid channel? >> reporter: but its quick rise in popularity has exposed major cracks in its security. this time parent company amazon admitted ring's own employees have abused their access. amazon, responding to security concerns raised by u.s. senators, revealed over the past four years ring has received four complaints going on to say they promptly investigated and terminated each individual. amazon said the employees were authorized to view personal moments from your home cameras, but their private access exceeded what was necessary for their job. it's ulear whether the employees accessed live or stored video. ring saves video for up to six months at the request of the customer. the announcement comes as ring also battles external hackers.
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targets include children, like this eight-year-old in her own bedroom. >> who is that? rtehao her best friend! c.e.o. cry, says cnet's ben fox rubin. >> ring is without a doubt in crisis management mode right now. there's no doubt in my mind about that >> reporter: and here outside ring's headquarters, the company says they're reducing the number of employees who have access to that stored video to just three people. they also say they're changing all of the default settings on all of their new equipment to prevent hacking. norah. and there is still much more news ahead right here on tonight's "cbs evening news." the hunt is on after multiple coyote attacks in chicago. and american firefighters get a hero's welcome in fire-ravaged australia. fire-ravageaustralia. 'are my ''
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>> o'donnell: police and animal control officers are on the lookout tonight for coyotes prowling the streets of chicago. a 32-year-old man and a six- year-old boy are recovering from bites in separate attacks. our chicago station reports the culprit may be a coyote that walks with a limp. officials say a growing number of coyotes are coming to the city searching for food. american firefighters arriving in australia today were greeted by cheers and spontaneous applause at the airport in sydney. scorched at least 20 million acres and claimed 27 lives. reha kangaroos, wallabies and other animals have been killed. coming up next, he always wanted to be a recording star, and it took him more than a century to do it. do it. (music) if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal.
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6:55 pm
marvin weisbord writes the music. he's 88. but he's practically a teeny bopper compared to his friend, alan tripp, who writes the lyrics ♪ skoodalee bop bop bop >> reporter: and he's skoodalee bop bop bopping along at 102. a a m tllfe iliried t i had to waio t untibel i wa s 102 to be a success. >> what you have to understand is i was just writing a song for his birthday. >> that's all. >> i thought that was the end of it ♪ what if you hung around g. reporter: it was ju nningi "senior songbook." they call it music like the 1940s, words forhe 2020s. have you been surprised by the response to these songs? >> "surprised" is an understatement. we've been out of stock on the album. people want to make it into a
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cabaret show. >> reporter: the songs are about love and lost love... ♪ wondering why you left me i relive the past ♪ >> reporter: and about the ups and downs of aging, with a dose of humor ♪ i know i ought to kiss you but baby there's an issue ♪ i just can't remember your name. >> reporter: but do remember these names-- tripp and weisbord-- who say it's never too late to make your dreams come true. chip reid, cbs news, bryn mawr, pennsylvania. >> o'donnell: i hope you caught that lyric. "i know i ought to kiss you, but, baby, there's an issue. i just can't remember your name." it's a good tune. we'll be right back. nd staying active? on it! audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? [sfx: crash of football players colliding off-camera.] maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death
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you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain? >> o'donnell: on tomorrow's "cbs evening news," steve hartman takes a d.n.a. test and it changes his life. and that's tonight's cbs news. i'm norah o'donnell in washington, d.c. we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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right now at 7. the district attorney was not elected to file homicide charges on these two individuals. >> the feds taking matters into their own hands. why they stepped in into the investigation of a deadly bay area shootout. want to be kings of the street, don't have a throne waiting for them. they had a federal prison cell waiting for them. there are certain exceptions for crimes against children. >> teacher facing sexual abuse charges. the case is sending shock waves through two e. bay high schools. personally i was robbed on bart. th e earitoders think it will m difference? >> i have not gotten the courage to get back on bart yet. >>


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